Comparison of the monoOne series

Product name monoone+ monoone-120
Input sensor Thermocouple (K) ・Thermocouple (K, J, T, E, R, S, B) <External resistor 100 Ω or less>
・Platinum resistance thermometer Pt100Ω
Power supply voltage
AC 85V ~250V (single phase) 50/60Hz
AC 85V ~ 125V (single phase) 50/60Hz
AC 90 ~ 240V (single phase)
Load drive Relay SSR (solid state) voltage output
<The output voltage depends on the power supply voltage>
Output rating
0.1A to 12A (resistive load)
1 mA to 0.5A (resistive load)
15A and below ※There is some leakage current due to SSR output.
Please contact us if the current value is 0.2A or less.
Control system ・ON/OFF control ・ON/OFF control
・PID time-division proportion​ <Heating usage> with auto-tuning
Display range -199~999℃


Mesured temperature: 7-segment red LED character height 14.3mm
Set temperature: 7-segment green LED character height 10.2mm
Monitor display: 7-segment red LED character height 8.0mm
Timer display: 7-segment red LED character height 8.0mm
OUT lamp: Lights when heater output is ON<orange LED lamp>
Alarm lamp: Lights when an abnormality occures<Red LED lamp>
AT lamp: Lights during auto-tuning<Green LED lamp>
ON timer: Lights when ON timer is selected<orange LED lamp>
OFF timer: Lights when OFF timer is selected<orange LED lamp>

Indication accuracy (not including sensor accuracy) ±2℃(-200℃~700℃),

※Sensor errors not included.

Sampling cycle 0.1 sec. 0.5 sec.
Short circuit protection 20A Built-in fuse
(Cannot be exchanged by the user)
20A Built-in fuse
(Cannot be exchanged by the user)
Power consumption 4VA and below 10VA and below
Operable temperature range Temperature:-10 to 40°C,
Humidity: 10 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Temperature: 0 to 40°C,
Humidity: 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Withstand voltage AC1500V per minute
(both power supply and output)
AC1800V per second
(both power supply and output)
Noise resistance Pulse width 50 nS、
1500V or more at 1000 nS
Pulse width 50 nS、
1200V or more at 1 μS
Auxiliary output (external error port) - AC250V 3A
Dustproof and waterproof function Degree of JIS protection - Equivalent to IP54
(Excluding power cable drawer, non-cable drawer, and thermocouple connector)
Simultaneous setting/measurement temperature display function
Monitor temperature display function -
Timer function - monoOne-120T
Overheat prevention function
Lock function
Error display function
Warning function Alarm Indicator lamp
Sensor error detection function
Heater burnout alarm function -
Internal relay error detection function -
Automatic exhaust heat function - -
DIN rail compatibility
5-step stand compatibility -
RoHS compliant
RoHS2 compliant
Dimensions 165 (H) × 70 (W) × 35 (D) mm
※Excluding protuberance and mounting brackets
165 (H) × 110 (W) × 85 (D) mm
※Excluding protuberance and mounting brackets
Includes sensor Thermocouple (K) Φ3.2x100L with lead 2m -
Weight 600g 1.3kg
Installation Wall-Mounting/DIN Rail (Optional) Tabletop​/Wall-Mounting/DIN rail (optional)
Other optional sales DIN rail: 1600 yen Installation plate of DIN rail: 800 yen
5-step adjustable stand: 2000 yen
English manual: 5000 yen
Inventory In stock In stock

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