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The following applies to the websites (www.threehigh.co.jp, www.monoone.jp and the English web sites herein after referred to as "this website") managed and operated by ThreeHigh Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as "our company").

We take all possible precautions when posting information on this website, but we do not guarantee that the information is accurate, up-to-date or useful to the customers.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by your use of this website.
In general, we will change or delete any information published on this website without prior notice to the customer.
Due to unavoidable reasons, the publication of this website may be suspended or discontinued.
We are not responsible for any damages caused to you as a result of changing, deleting, suspending or discontinuing information on this website.

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If you wish to reproduce or publish the contents of this website in magazines, books, CD-ROMs, etc., please contact us in advance as our written permission is required.

A contract with us is required in order to use the ThreeHigh logo mark.

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Websites other than our company which are linked from this website are managed and operated under the responsibility of their respective corporations and individuals, and those websites are not under our control.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by your use of the linked websites. Please use the linked websites at your own risk in accordance with the conditions of the websites.
We only provide links to these websites for the convenience of our customers, and do not endorse the use of these websites, products, services, ect.
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